Today, a first grader stopped me in the hallway and told me she wanted to be a science teacher just like me.  🙂 When I asked her why, she said- “YOU ARE ALWAYS HAVING FUN! I WOULD LOVE TO DO SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS ALL DAY!” Hehehe, I really do have the best job ever.

The following is a newspaper article and some pictures from a lesson on the States of Matter:

1st Graders Get “Fogged” With Dry Ice
1st graders in Mrs. Mielke’s science class recently explored for themselves some of the interesting properties of dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) that makes it such a useful cooling agent.  While in the science lab, they were also able to witness first-hand how it transforms from a solid to a gas and how it reacts with common household items, such as liquid soap.  The CO2 vapor (fog) and the bubbles creates quite a bit of excitement…and a lot of fun learning!
The Elementary Science Director, Andrea Mielke, stated, “The students are always excited when we are in the lab doing hands-on experiments…the activities are not just fun, they are the best way for kids to connect to and learn about science and methods of scientific inquiry, such as observation, prediction, measurement, interpreting data and drawing conclusions.   It is also very helpful that we have instant access to all the appropriate science equipment and technology right at their fingertips.”    

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