Hello World :)

Just wanted to say hi and let everybody know we are still alive and kickin’.  The blog has been a little neglected lately.  I have been on spring break for the last twelve days- and although I thought this vacation would mean ample time to catch up on all kinds of things, it  didn’t actually turn out as such.  We took Grae and RJ to the beach for the first time, spent Easter with my family, Grae and Mommy got a nasty virus of some sort which monopolized my time, and then Ian’s family came down to visit us in Atlanta this past weekend.  All in all, it turns out it really is more work being a SAHM then working full-time. Who knew?!

In the time that I have been M.I.A., Grae has learned how to barrel roll across the floor, scoot/crawl backwards about 6 feet at a time, and has morphed into a 20 pound, five month old, perfect baby boy.  I have so many pictures I can’t wait to share, and I’ll do my best getting those posted tomorrow.



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