7 Month Old Baby

Hi Love Bucket,

You are 7 months old now!  You are the most handsome little boy and you melt hearts everywhere you go.  I have to keep a close eye on you, because, on two different occasions, I have bent down to pick something up, while holding you, and when I stood back up, I realized a little toddler girl had been kissing all over you behind my back!  Both times, the little girls were complete strangers!  You are going to have to turn down the charm, son.

You have the best smile.  Truly. It’s amazing. Your whole face smiles- eyes sparkling, nose scrunched, mouth open wide- sometimes smiling so hard that we can’t tell if you are laughing or crying.

You are now able to crawl backwards (you haven’t quite mastered forward), and you can sit up all by yourself!!  Daddy saw you sit yourself up last night for the first time and it caught him completely off guard.  He sputtered, “Um, you just sat up like an ADULT!  Do you, um, wanna go get a beer or something?!”  Haha. Its pretty cool to watch you flip yourself up from belly flop position. You aren’t that coordinated at any of these new skills yet though, so you kinda remind me of a helpless, flailing turtle.

You have decided that you want to only eat “real” food- actual BITES, no more mashed and pureed baby food.  Your favorites now are humus, prunes, your teacher’s squash soup that she makes just for you, and Baby Mum Mums (Aka- GIANT rice krispies).  I also let you taste a french fry yesterday (I know, I’m a mommy failure) and you went NUTS.

You continue to grow every day.  We are now buying size 3T clothes for you! When I was folding laundry this afternoon, I chuckled as I laid your shirt next to your 5 year old foster brother’s- I couldn’t tell one bit of difference in size.

The red one is yours!

Your hair no longer feels like velvet, and is actually starting to fill in a bit. And, it is becoming more and more obvious that you are a RED HEAD. 🙂 Oh, and you are getting cute little baby hair on your arms and legs!

Your two bottom teeth are getting bigger every day.  It is exciting, strange, and a little sad to see teeth in your mouth when you smile at me.  It is so much fun watching you grow and change, but I still hate how FAST this is all going.  I only have a few days left before you are crawling all over.  I’m trying to savor every last second.

The other big accomplishment this week is swimming! You can float on your back ALL BY YOURSELF, you can float in your tube and kick your feet to “swim” clear across the pool , and when I “superman fly” you under the water, you come up LAUGHING and SQUEALING.  You are part fish, I’m convinced.

If you can’t tell, I LOVE being your Mommy and this is THE BEST summer vacation I’ve ever  had.

Happy 7 months, Grae!

I love you… more and more each day.


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