Attachment Parenting.

I’m sitting here watching Anderson… the episode about controversial parenting methods.  Of course, the first issue discussed is the recent cover of TIME magazine (you know the one I’m talking about).  Yes, the cover definitely even made me take a second look.  And yes, my immediate reaction was, “God, I hope she is that child’s mother, not some model.”  I understand that the photograph’s main purpose was controversy (with a caption that reads: “MOTHER ENOUGH?”) and to start a conversation about the ways in which we raise our children. The article that followed the “racy” photo shoot, however, was a non-issue; an informative piece about the who, what, why and hows of Attachment Parenting.

I would consider myself an AP mom, although I made these parenting choices (extended, on-cue nursing, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, etc) long before I knew that these collectively formed a particular parenting style.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why our society feels that we have the right to be so judgmental, so opinionated about other parents techniques, strategies and philosophies.  Look around, people- what we have been doing in the past isn’t necessarily working out for us.  Lets stop judging and instead maybe we can offer some support and tolerance. Lets give parents the benefit of the doubt and assume they are trying their hardest to raise their babies the best way they know how.

🙂 Just my thoughts for the day.

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