My other life

So, I’m back.

I’ve been snapped back to reality and summer vacay is officially over.  I’m very slowly getting back in the routine of a real person and have been attempting to adjust to being both a mommy and a teacher again.

Last week, I spent every last second of daylight at school cleaning and organizing the science lab, as well as planning some pretty cool science experiments for the kiddos. Last weekend, my fabulous family came over to Atlanta and helped me get the school garden back in order (Whew, what a job that turned out to be!).  And on Monday, our lovely students returned to school with smiles on their faces, ready to learn!  As much as I wish summer vacation could last forever, it feels great to be back.

I am fully aware that my classroom looks nothing like those freakishly clean, themed, and organized Pinterest classrooms, but I thought I’d share a couple pics anyway. Don’t judge. 😉

Egg-citing Science 🙂 Hatching baby chicks is always a great way to start the year!

1 thought on “My other life

  1. I wrote a note but doubt it went through. Thanks for the pictures. It was interesting seeing your classroom. Those students are so lucky to have such an energetic teacher. Richard looked so happy. It shows the good guidance and encouragement you and Ian give him. Hugs to Grae. Hope you find time to relax a little. We often think of how wonderful it was to have you here. We love you!

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