Nine Months Old

Baby Grae,

Wow, in all nine months of your precious little life, this has been the week with the most changes!  You are FULLY mobile and we can’t keep up with you!  And, let me tell you, you are pleased as punch with your newfound independence.     You love throwing your big blue ball down the hall then crawling after it as fast as you can. When you catch up to it, you turn around to look at us, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

You have started saying “HEY!” when you want attention, “Mamamaamaa” and “Dadadada” and will sometimes even mimic the word “HI!”

You are in to everything, and we are learning that our baby proofing skills are lacking in a big way.  You can reach things that I never thought possible and somehow you always know exactly where the messiest things are kept.

You don’t like your jumper very much anymore.  Or your high chair, or stroller, or anything else that tries to contain you.  You love your freedom.  Your favorite toys are balls (any shape, color or size will do) and musical instruments.  You especially enjoy your baby piano these days.

You still wake up two or three times a night and rarely take naps during the day.  You are too busy to waste time sleeping! 🙂 I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa are loving it, because I did the same thing to them for years.

We love you so much, there are truly no words to explain it.  We just stare at you in amazement.  You are the most wonderful blessing.

Mama and Dada

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