Foster care after Grae

Graeson is now 3 months old and we have decided that we will continue to foster children in our home.  We are expecting our first “placement” (as the Department of Family and Child Services so affectionately refers to children in foster care) tomorrow afternoon.  I couldn’t be more excited to meet our four year old little boy.

That being said, I’m going to go ahead and get something off my chest.  Upon sharing this great news on Facebook, a very few people… unfortunately both family members and close friends… have made comments along the line of:  “You shouldn’t foster children while you have your own biological children in the home.”

Quite frankly, I couldn’t be more disgusted and disappointed in you.  Furthermore, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  And yes, I spoke with each of the lovely souls that I am referring to directly, but I’m so aggravated by the LACK OF HUMANITY and COMPASSION in this world, I have decided I am not finished RANTING.  So, please bare with me.

First of all- I’ll worry about “the welfare of my biological child”, THANK YOU.  I do not need parenting lessons and I do not want your advice or opinions unless I directly ask for them (which, I will do from time to time if you prove to be worthy of my respect.)

Second of all- Most, if not all, of the foster parents that I know have biological children in their homes.  If we took away all of these great, safe homes for children, what would happen to those poor babies?  Would you rather we regress to ORPHANAGES?!

Third, and most important- THE WELFARE OF OUR BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN? SERIOUSLY?!!!  LIKE WE ARE EXPOSING THEM TO DANGEROUS CRIMINALS??! Excuse me?!  We are talking about CHILDREN!  CHILDREN WHO DESERVE TO LAUGH AND PLAY and experience CHILDHOOD, some for the first time in their lives, as much as any one.

I obviously do not and will not be taking my eyes off of either child, biological or foster- so there will be no fear of either child being hurt… so for those of you who made these comments out of love for Grae, thanks for your concern, but please trust in our parenting and I beg you to educate yourselves and think before you speak.

Graeson (and any future biological children we may have) will learn compassion for others. He will learn to share with those who have nothing. He will know how important it is to volunteer and to help others. AND he will know that the world needs reform and he is the next generation.

Thanks for listening.

**Stepping off my soapbox now**