Listen to baby’s heart beat :)


baby heartbeat

We had our 3rd doctor’s visit today, and Ian actually managed to capture this magical moment on film.  😉  Every time we go it becomes a little more real.  I have finally started to turn the corner on my morning sickness, and the doctor even said I have gained ONE pound in 15 weeks of pregnancy.  I’ve never been so happy to hear that! 🙂 We got all of our blood tests back and everything looks perfect! She told me my blood type is A+, I’m not a carrier for cystic fibrosis, and my iron levels are good.  Our next appointment will be on June 21st.  That is when they will do the second part of the Downs syndrome screening, make sure our baby has all of the right parts in the right places, and even tell us the gender!!   Click on the link “baby heartbeat” above to see the video of the baby’s heartbeat (its on a power point).

Baby's first trip to the beach- we are going to do our best to turn him or her into a beach bum 🙂

We went car shopping today to find suitable transportation for baby.  Lets just say there’s no negotiating with a pregnant woman.  What mommy wants, mommy gets.  haha!

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