Too Good to Be Bad

The events in this story have not been modified from its original version in any way.

WOOP! WOOP! *POLICE SIREN* (O=officer)(Dre=Andrea)

O- Do you know why I pulled you over ma’am

Dre- I wasn’t speeding and I have my seat belt on, so… no.

O-You can’t drive with your knees.

Dre- I wasn’t!

O-Well ma’am, I just saw you eating, you had a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other (BOWL OF LAST NIGHT”S CHILI). How is that possible?

Dre-I was using my third hand??

O-Really? Are we really going to do this?

Dre- Officer, I can give you the best sob story you’ve ever heard and every single word of it will be the truth.

O- Alright, lets hear it.

Dre- Well, I’m late for work as an elementary school teacher because I had a stray dog who had been hit by a car in my driveway this morning, then I had to drop my three foster daughters off at daycare, and I am four months pregnant and if I don’t eat in the morning I am sick all day!

O- I’m really sorry ma’am, please be safe, I wont take anymore of your time!

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