18 weeks!

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So I know I could feel baby kicking when I was only 13 weeks along, but so many moms told me I was crazy and that it was just gas!  Well, now, five weeks later, when most moms are feeling their babies move for the first time, I have felt you move at least two or three times each week ever since the first time I felt life inside of me!  Yesterday had to be one of the coolest moments yet.  We were driving down the road listening to music, and our favorite song, “Lover, Lover” by Jerrod Niemann came on and Ian turned it up pretty loud.  We were dancing and singing, and out of nowhere, baby starts kicking to the beat of the song!  Now, I know for sure those same moms who doubted my claims of feeling him at 13 weeks are really going to think I’ve lost it now, as his ears are still developing, but I’m telling you, my baby got rhythm! 🙂

Our doctor’s appointment got pushed back until June 30th for the anatomy ultrasound.  I am so anxious to find out if we are having a boy or girl (my bet is still a boy, although if it is a girl, we already have her name picked out!) 🙂 I was reading in my pregnancy books that at 18 weeks, the baby is bigger than an OPEN HAND!  Around 5 1/2 INCHES!! Wow!!

Overall, the morning sickness has gone away, although it still likes to rear its ugly head every now and then.  A few days ago I couldn’t keep anything down at all but Gatorade.  For the most part, however, I am really starting to enjoy the second trimester of pregnancy!  My energy level is increasing and the best part so far is the baby bump that seems to be growing daily!

Thankfully, I have the summer off and have been spending a lot of time mentally preparing a to-do list of things that need to get done around the house before baby makes his appearance.  I am trying to exercise to stay in shape and have been walking everyday.

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