Dear Baby Boy,

I’m 27 weeks pregnant with you, which means you’re about 25 weeks (ish) old.  Even though we haven’t officially met yet, I feel like I’m starting to get to know you.

For instance, I know you have at least two favorites: Marshmallows and hiccuping.  Whenever I eat a marshmallow, you go crazy and turn into a little soccer player!  A teacher at work without any kids of her own pops a marshmallow into my mouth at least once a day so she can feel you kick.  She calls herself “your other mommy.” 🙂 You  already have at least four “other mommies” at my school.  I’m pretty sure you will never have any time to yourself when you are spending a few hours in the baby room.

You seem to be happiest when you are way up high in my belly.  I can feel you tickling my ribs and you are so close to my lungs that it is getting harder each day for me to take a deep breath (or even breathe at all).  And bending over is pretty much an impossible task.  At least my belly button hasn’t popped out yet- I’m hoping that little detail can hold off as long as possible.

I know so many pregnant moms that just want their babies to be born.  I am kind of the opposite.  Don’t get me wrong, little boy, I cannot wait to see you and hold you in my arms, but I want you to stay in there as long as possible.  It is all up to you. I never want you to hurry to grow up.  I want you to enjoy being a little boy for as long as you can.  Your dad and I are going to do everything we can to provide you with the happiest childhood possible. Perhaps this is one of things that I fear most about parenting. Children grow up so quickly and I want to be sure that I don’t let you miss out on anything. You aren’t even born yet and I already don’t want you to grow up. I want your life to stay carefree, simple, and happy forever. Promise me you wont be in a hurry?

But, at the same time- I can’t WAIT to know what you look like!  Do you look more like me, or more like your daddy?  Are you going to have curly red hair?  Or Daddy’s beautiful blue eyes?  Or are you going to take after your grandparents and be a brunette with that tan skin your daddy and I would die for?  I’m kinda hoping for red hair, but I’m sure you’ll be the best looking baby I’ve ever seen regardless. 😉

Daddy and I are going to really start putting your room together this weekend, and soon your grandma is going to come over and help us paint it for you.  I already have drawers and drawers full of your clothes. Not to mention LOTS of diapers.  No offense, but I’m expecting you to be a messy baby, with lots of spit-ups, barfs, diaper explosions, and general baby goo. Go ahead and surprise me and be a neat, un-gooey baby, but I’m not holding my breath (except for when I’m changing those stinky diapers!).

Also, in one week, I’ll take a test to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes. I’m hoping I don’t, because if I have to go on a strict diet … oh man. For your sake, I’ll do it, but I’m not into diets.

Yay to us both for making it into the third trimester! This last bit is going to be something else. You’re going to grow a ton of that cute baby fat, and the doctor said that I should be gaining a POUND A WEEK from now on!  Goodness gracious.

I love you,

Your Mommy 🙂