Baby toys that I am slightly obsessed with

While in New York City, we found the best toy store-Playing MANtis– in Tribeca.  The store’s emblem states “Toys and Crafts For Life”- which is exactly what I want to fill the nursery with. I would love for our baby to be able to pass his toys on to his children someday.

I am just now getting around to posting pictures, but these toys are too cute not to share.  Ian bought this gorgeous handmade rattle, carved out of a single piece of cherry wood, with corn inside to make the rattle… well… rattle.  It is so soft and smooth- don’t be alarmed if you see me carrying it around. 🙂

Baby's first rattle

Bunny rabbits are kind of a tradition on my side of the family.  My Uncle Doug used to give me and my brother new bunny rabbit stuffed animals every Easter.  My first bunny, Carrots, that he gave me when I was only a couple months old, was in a sense, my “security blanket” for my entire childhood.  The first time I ever spent a night away from Carrots was when I went to college!  My momma found and bought the perfect “First Bunny” for baby at this store.  I know it will be one of his favorite toys for many, many years.

Baby's bunny

I think we should start planning our next trip to NYC when Baby is a little older so he can pick out some of his own toys at this great shop.  So glad we happened to wander in. 🙂

Baby's future toys