Ch-ch-ch-ch- changes…

The girls at their first Georgia Football Game

We were informed today that our three foster daughters will be moving into a new foster home closer to the county their mom lives in this Friday, as in less than 48 hours.  We are having the girl’s therapist come over tonight to sit down with us while we tell them the news and help answer any questions they may have.  The girls came to live with us on March 2 and they will be moving out on September 2- so they will have lived with us for exactly 6 months.  Together, we celebrated holidays, birthdays, family vacations, and most importantly- simple, day-to-day activities that families are supposed to do together.  I hope and pray that we have influenced their life in some small (positive) way and that they know that we will be here to support them in any way we can for as long they want us to be a part of their lives.  We have all learned so much from each other, and it is definitely going to be a big change not having them here.  Saying goodbye is, by far, the worst part of being a foster parent.

Please send positive, happy thoughts their way… they are going to need it the next couple days.