Friday Updates :)


Our doctor’s appointment couldn’t have gone better today- all of my contractions have stopped, PHEW!! We got all of our test results back and everything is just as it should be.  The second Downs Syndrome test came back negative, as well as the Glucose Intolerance Test (thank goodness, no special diets!).  I apparently have better (higher) iron levels than most people so that means I should have lots of energy (um, should being the key word, because I have never in my life been so lazy), and I have gained two more pounds (for a total of 8 now!!).   My uterus is measuring 1 centimeter small; it should be about 30 centimeters, and it is 29, however, she said 2 or 3 centimeters above or below the “norm” is perfectly natural- nothing to be concerned with.  I have my next doctor’s visit (the 32 week appointment) in 12 days- and she told me I could be looking forward to more blood tests (oh, goodie 😉 ).  She also told me it was time to find a pediatrician!

I am so thankful all of the crazy contractions have stopped, and even more thankful that we have made it to 30 weeks!


Baby Mielke is now the size of a Cabbage!


He now weighs in at 3 lbs and is about 15 3/4 in long!





We just got off the phone with our girls- they sound great.  They had just finished shopping for new beds for all of them, and the oldest was stoked because she gets her own room.  🙂

I also talked to our oldest foster son for about an hour and a half today.  He’s 12 and moved home with his mom in February.  We miss him and his brother and sister so much and think about them every single day, so it is always such a relief to hear they are doing well.  He is actually working on an independent study type of home-schooling this year instead of going to school, and if you knew him, you would know that this is truly the most beneficial opportunity that he has ever been given.  I’m so glad his mom enrolled him into this program.


All in all, it has been a FANTASTIC Friday… Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone- and don’t forget to cheer on the DAWGS Saturday! 🙂 COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK! 🙂

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