Spoiled baby!

Our shower invitation designed by Kellys Creations 🙂

My best friend from college threw us a baby shower this weekend and it was wonderful!  It was so much fun to see our family and friends, and our baby boy got spoiled ROTTEN!  🙂  He now has his very own Baby Bathtub/Spa Bubbler, the most stylin’ stroller a little dude could travel in  (accessorized by the most convenient backpack stroller/over-the-shoulder bag I’ve ever seen), his own Peter Rabbit china dishes, and the cutest onesies imaginable to just name a few things.  We were also presented with “The Wheel of Responsibility,” which will allow us to “put parenting in the hands of fate.”  When duty calls, we will simply spin the wheel.  With the wheel, there is no more dodging diaper duty, no more forgetting who’s turn it is to give the baby a bath. No more sleeping through the 3am feeding. It says on the packaging that there are only two non-negotiable rules: 1. Spin the Wheel. 2. Accept your fate. If it lands on the line, ask yourself, “Is it really on the line or are you just cheating?” Ian says we are mounting it to our headboard. 🙂  Mom told me I needed magnets to weight the arrow. 😉  It was a fantastic day- Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, thank you for all of the AMAZING gifts, and Thank you, Brittany for the PERFECT baby shower!! 🙂 We love you!!!

Here are some pictures from our AMAZING day 🙂

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