The calm before the storm.

We now officially have everything we need for baby. We picked out the perfect outfit that he will wear home from the hospital (and later we will display in a photo box in his room), we ordered “props” (some really super cute hats) for his newborn pictures, have been doing load after load of laundry, washing all of his new outfits with that wonderful smelling baby detergent, we even have bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, and bottles of all shapes and sizes- washed and waiting in the cabinet.  We even bought a fabric baby sling (that came with an instructional DVD) and taught ourselves how to use it today- thanks to Daddy Dizzle, the perfect practice tool.

Tomorrow is our 37 week doctor appointment.  I will decline the cervical exam, because last time it caused a lot of strong contractions- and quite frankly- I want Grae to take his time and come when he is ready, and checking every week to see where we are seems kind of pointless- you know in the “a watched pot never boils” kind of way.  (I’m not going to lie though, I would like to know if I’ve made any more progress since the 1.5 cm dilated, 50% effaced “diagnosis” last week! ;))  I am sure he has dropped significantly since last Friday’s appointment, as I can actually take a full breath without huffing and puffing. I had very minor heartburn for a few weeks, but that has pretty much disappeared now that he is much lower in my belly (Thank goodness, because I have been hearing HORROR stories from Mom and my aunt- they both said they spent the last few weeks of pregnancy sleeping sitting upright in a chair while devouring bottles of Tums.) Lets hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

Saturday we are going to tour the Women’s Center that I will deliver at.  I’m really looking forward to this- I think it will ease a lot of tension and confusion on the big day.  We also have a consultation appointment set up with a highly recommended pediatrician, and I have my list of questions ready.

Our TO-DO list is getting shorter and shorter… we still need to pack a bag for the hospital, make some freezable meals for after the baby, install the car seat (its in our trunk all ready to go- just not buckled in yet), and my midwife said we need to write out a birth plan.  Hopefully we can conquer these few things by the end of the weekend… hopefully being the key word.  I was a “nesting” fool a few weeks ago- from scrubbing baseboards to cleaning out every single drawer and cabinet in our house and everything in between; however, that phase is officially over.  I’ve been resting a lot more now- I even take naps once and a while (those who know me will understand the magnitude of this- I never sleep),  and Ian and I spend countless evenings out in our hot tub on the back deck- don’t worry it isn’t too hot for baby! 😉

21 more days until your due date, Little Man! Your daddy and I cannot wait to meet you- anytime you are ready!



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