Full Term!

The doctor confirmed that the baby has indeed dropped- her exact words being “He has really dropped! You are getting so close!” Ahh!! As excited as I am, I’m starting to get a little anxious!  All my tests from last week came back negative- no diseases or bacteria that shouldn’t be around our little manfant- so that means no planned C-sections (which I hear is a good thing, but part of me was kinda hoping for a C-section instead of the alternative ;)) .  The scale reads WAY too close to 200 lbs when I step on the damn thing now- let me tell you- NOT my favorite part of the visit.  We got to listen to his heartbeat, which she said sounded great, and as before, he is measuring just as he should be, and she estimates that he is between 6 and 6.5 pounds now (although there is no way for her to be sure).

The best two words that were said today:  “FULL TERM!!!”   YAY!!!

The worst words said today: “He is now the size of a watermelon!”    GOOD GRACIOUS!

(pictures soon :))

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