Its a big day tomorrow!

Lots of exciting things are happening tomorrow!  First of all- it is my last day of work before my maternity leave starts!  I won’t be teaching again until February!  I am beyond excited about having the opportunity to spend that uninterrupted time with my newborn- and I’m so thankful that taking the full 12 weeks off is an option for us.  I have everything set up, ready, and organized for my maternity sub.  I even have my lesson plans completed through the end of April so it will be a super easy transition back to work for me in February (well, that is the hope anyway).

Tomorrow also marks 39 weeks in our pregnancy!!  There were so many days that I prayed and prayed that he would stay in and bake just a little bit longer… and now we have made it.  Thank you for listening to your mommy, Little Boy. 🙂 You can come anytime you are ready now.

We also have our doctor appointment at 2:10 tomorrow afternoon.  This is a big one, as they will do an internal exam and determine whether or not I am ‘favorable’ for labor.  They will again discuss induction dates.  I have heard many people say that oftentimes, expecting mommas are sent directly to the hospital after the 39 week exam to give birth! EEEKS!  And, on the other hand, if the doctor finds that I’m not favorable, then they will schedule an induction for November 14.  Either way, even though none of these dates are set in stone, as he could decide to come at anytime regardless, it still completely blows me away that we will have a “DATE” in our minds tomorrow.



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