Letters to Grae

Dearest Grae,

You are twenty days old and I am twenty days into my new life as a momma… your momma.  The majority of each of those days has been spent just smelling the top of your head and feeling your tiny body rise and fall as we watch the afternoon pass us by from our warm spot on the couch. We slowly are starting to venture out a bit more, going for daily walks through our neighborhood, going shopping, and even eating at a few restaurants.  You love going out to explore.  You are the happiest, easiest baby I could have ever asked for.  (But you can feel free to start sleeping at night instead of all day long anytime you’d like).  You eat more and more each day (sometimes I’m convinced that I couldn’t drink as much milk as you in a day!). You have had two nightmares, screaming in your sleep, giving your daddy and me a heart attack each time.  Although, by the time I scoop you up, you are already fast asleep with that half smile on your face.  You also sneeze and hiccup all the time- your pediatrician told us that is very normal for all newborns.

I learn so much about you every single day.  I’ve learned that you love having your head rubbed when you nurse.  I’ve learned sometimes when I kiss the palms of your small hands that you will curl your fingers around my lips. I’ve learned your little precious feet are extremely ticklish.  I’ve learned to decipher so many of your noises… your hungry cry, your peaceful coo, your frustrated grunt.

Every night you sleep right next to our bed in a little bassinet.  I keep my hand on your chest all night long to feel each and every breath you take.  I don’t think you have been out of our arms for more than a few minutes your entire life.  We just can’t stand to put you down.

You are loved more than you could ever know.



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