Before and After

It took my baby bump 40 weeks and 4 days to reach its “maximum potential”.  I gained 25 pounds, my bra size went from a B to an F (who the hell knew there was even a size F bra?!), and my pierced, innie belly button turned into something unrecognizable.

I wondered how long it would take my body to change back, or if it would ever be the same again, once Grae was born.  For the first 10 days after his arrival, my pooch was soft and squishy and it felt like my organs were M.I.A., as I could almost feel my spine when pushing on my belly.  I also had some crazy swelling in my arms, legs and face (I believe due to some type of reaction to the epidural) that is still working on disappearing.

However, just a couple weeks after delivering, my outtie belly button has returned to normal (even the piercing isn’t inside out anymore!), and my entire abdomen is starting to feel a little more firm.  I haven’t stepped on a scale since my little man was born, and I don’t plan to until my 6 week doctor’s appointment.   (I do have an exercise routine though…baby carrying, breastfeeding, and pushing Grae’s stroller all over the streets of our neighborhood for his daily dose of sunshine.  haha) After all it has been through, I’ve decided my body deserves to be cut some major slack.

But I did want to share a post-partum picture, as I think it is fun to see how fast a body can change.  😉

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