Grae Baby,

Oh how time flies with you, Little Man.  Ten months old, already?! I wish I could just freeze you at this age (I realize I’ve said that every single month so far, but 10 months old is seriously so much fun!)  You are starting to say lots of new words and learning new things every day!  Your favorite game is to drop something on the floor, watch it go splat, and innocently look at us and say “Uh oh!”  Your Daddy and I still crack up every time.

You can “neigh” like a horse when asked what a horsey says.  You say “Dog” and “kitty” whenever you see Stella or Nova, and you wave at everyone and everything. You even say “Tickle, Tickle” when I’m about to get those ever-so-precious piggy toes.  The coolest thing you have said thus far is singing along to the song “Skin-a-mir-ink-ee-dink-ee-dink, skin-a-mir-ink-ee-doo, I love you.”  It sounded just like it. 🙂

You have 7 teeth already and number 8 could pop through any day.  There isn’t a food out there that you don’t like- but the really good ones still get a good billy goat grunt followed by a big Graeson grin. Grandma gave you your first drink of fresh squeezed orange juice- and boy oh boy did you think you had hit the jackpot.  🙂

You weigh 24 pounds and are still wearing anywhere between 12 months and 2T sized clothes.  We had to go back to size four diapers… maybe all the crawling is toning the abs?  😉

You couldn’t be more perfect and I love you more than words could ever say.

Happy 10 months, Baby.



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