I cannot believe our little “man-fant” (Daddy’s new catch phrase) is due in just 12 weeks! Oh my goodness.  That really makes me want to kick into high gear (or cry, probably both)- we need to get so much more done before he arrives!

We had our 28 week appointment today with my favorite midwife, Terri.  She is always so great and just makes me feel at ease (this may or may not have anything to do with the fact that she and I share the redhead bond 😉 ).  I sure hope she will be able to be with us when our little boy is born.  We found out that we will be delivering him at Cobb Hospital-its on my way to work, so I’ve had a lot of practice driving there at speeds slightly above the limit (allegedly)- and we are going to schedule a tour in the next couple weeks.  She also suggested a couple of classes that are really good that we might check out.

Even though a lot of my colleagues that are expecting have bigger baby bumps than I do, the midwife reassured me that my bump is just right.  She explained that every woman carries a baby differently and that I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone else.  I gained two pounds in the last three weeks, and she said that I should try to gain a POUND A WEEK from now until my due date! Wow.

28 week appointment

The appointment today also included the Glucose Tolerance Test.  I had heard from so many women that this was the most disgusting stuff they have ever tasted and you only have five minutes to drink a whole bottle of it.  I was expecting the absolute worst, so I guess I was pleasantly surprised. (Shh, they told me to tell you it was gross!)  It just tasted like extra-sweet, carbonated orange Gatorade.  We waited an hour, then went to have my blood drawn.  They are supposed to have the results by Monday indicating whether or not I am at risk for gestational diabetes.  I hope the results come back clean- because honestly, I am not so great with special diets.

Glucola drink

1 thought on “ORANGE DRANK :p

  1. Congrats, babe!! 🙂 what a big moment. I remember the thrill and excitement of being 28 weeks – and the weird mix of emotions I had in drinking that goop. Haha! So excited for you and hoping you have a fantastic experience. Gotta make a plug for the Bradley method, too. I had an amazing birthing experience and I think it’s 90% because my husband and I took a Bradley class 🙂 it’s a 12 week class that will really prepare you well! Can’t speak highly enough of it 🙂 love to you & happy baby growing!!

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