This post will start a series of posts from our trip back to Wisconsin.  This is how it all started…

Which one of these is an actual terrorist?

You guessed it, the one on the left is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  I can see how the nice lady at the airport may have been confused.  With the addition of a small mustache there is a striking resemblance.

AAAAAAAAAAAA! Wait, its my pregnant redheaded wife with a fake mustache.

I know my beautiful wife would like to thank me for leading her down the small hallway to the left of the normal security line (I thought it was a short cut nobody knew about- turns out it was the full body scan line- you know, the machine that acts like an X-ray and takes an image of your NAKED body?!)   Needless to say I was relieved of my position as airport tour guide. I would like to point out that the man behind us in line assured us that the radiation from the full body scanner would have little to no affect on our baby… Andrea was not amused.  When she refused the “harmless” dose of radiation, she unknowingly elected for the full body search, leaving no stone unturned.  Lets just say LaWonda was very thorough.

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