Our Surprise Baby Shower!

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During our visit to my hometown, we were given one of the best presents ever. My best friend and her family planned an amazing surprise baby shower. What was going to be a normal Thursday evening catching up with the many people I have come to consider my second family, turned out to be one of  my most wonderful memories from this special time in our lives. I suppose I should tell you how they used an elaborate web of deception to lure a pregnant lady into a bar :).  The stage was set earlier that day when my best friend, Lisa, casually asked if we would like to join her and her family for dinner.  We assumed that this was a perfectly innocent question, as we were planning to dine with them whether they liked it or not. Throughout the course of the day, as we traveled from one dairy vender to the next, we were told that my best friend’s sister and her husband would be spending time at a nearby football field watching their son (Ry Guy) play football. Ian, having spent much of his youth at events like this, jumped at the opportunity to go as well. This threw a small kink into the web of deception being spun around us. However, it was great for Ian to see a loving and devoted father in action on the sideline. He learned that boys are never to young to be told “not to run around like a sissy”, and “keep your elbows up when your blocking.”  Anyway, after the game, we were quickly and intentionally confused about where we were going and why. Eventually it became clear that Laura (My best friend’s other sister) was hungry for a wrap from a nearby bar and we should go there for dinner. Bare with me- we’re almost there. When we arrived we walked around a corner to the back of the bar, a little further from the loud, drunk people, and were greeted by the GIANT beautiful smiles of people I had been away from for what seemed like an eternity. There was an entire table full of gifts and another full of Jill’s delicious food. I almost cried (ok, i cried) as I hugged each of my old friends. I could not have imagined a better group of people to share this special time with. Many of them traveled for hours just to show me and my new little boy how much they care. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me and I hope to, one day soon, have the opportunity to show all of them just how much they mean to me. Thank you all sooooo much and I love each one of you!!!!!

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