And his name is…

Our little boy has a name!   I don’t know how or when we finally decided to finalize it, but when contemplating names, we knew we wanted it to be something a little obscure.  Not obscure in the “Can you please spell that again?” sort of way because I’d really like to spare my child the hassle of spelling out his name for the rest of his life. And not obscure in the “We just made it up” sort of way, but something simple, artful, pleasing to say, lovely to write, and not another one in his school sort of way.

That’s a tall order to fill. We sorted through biblical names  – Abraham topped the list of Momma’s favorites. (Wouldn’t Bram be a cool nickname?) We listened to our family suggestions-although when Ian’s dad suggested Nimrod, I think we started to loose faith. We dug through those giant 50,000+ baby names books- I swear 90 percent of those “names” were just made up for the pure fact of numbers. Ian and I tested out our favorite names one at a time, none of them feeling quite right.

Until we finally settled on Graeson Royce Mielke.  We will call him Grae.

Our sweet, precious boy has a name. A real, fine name.

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