One more month to go

When I first learned I was pregnant with Grae, I researched and read to the point of over doing it. I scared myself with every “what if” scenario and added unnecessary stress by reading about unusual and rare pregnancy conditions.  I was so happy to be pregnant but fearful of everything that could possibly go wrong. I felt out of control of the process and let myself get worked up over the things I had no ability to manage.

Finally, exactly one month away from my due date, I have settled into a quiet confidence with my body.  And, so for these last few weeks, I’m allowing myself to just enjoy being pregnant without falling victim to the stress and anxiety. I watch as my belly grows and feel those aches and pains of a rapidly stretching body, but instead of fearing the worst, I know that every thing is going right. The hardest part of this journey still lies ahead of me – giving birth to my son and then learning to care for his individual needs.  I’m enjoying the confidence I’ve discovered in myself- I’m sure it will not last forever, but it sure feels good right now.

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