Our Hospital Tour

Yesterday we went to the Women’s Center for a tour of the building where I will be giving birth to our baby boy.  I’m glad we went- it really helped clear up a lot of confusion, questions, and just helped ease the fear of the unknown.  On our way there we practiced our route as if it were the real thing.  Ian even asked if he should stop at the red lights.  :0) (I reminded him it would be good if we arrived ALIVE.)  We were one of 6 couples on the tour, and 5 of 6 of us were having boys!  Our tour guide showed us around the hospital- everything from the cafeteria, to the waiting rooms, to the gift shops- so we would be able to direct our family and friends.  The next stop was the labor and delivery floor. Ian and I were pleasantly surprised by the birthing suites- so comfy and roomy- it almost even felt like home.  We were thinking it would be a cold, sterile, typical hospital room. Instead, it had soothing paint on the walls (not the standard bright white), wood furniture, a television, recliners and rocking chairs, a wall of windows, a huge open area for labor and delivery, and a huge bathroom that even has a birthing tub and a big shower.  We will have the baby in that room, stay for about 2 hours to stabilize, then will be moved upstairs to our own private room for the next 24-48 hours (which is equally as nice!)  The nurse gave us a lot of ideas of what to bring in our hospital bag- things that we had never even thought of, so that was also helpful. We have lots of packing to do. 🙂

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