As we near the due date, I can’t help but feel a little heavyhearted.  I feel like my pregnancy with my first baby has gone way too fast- having him all to myself.  I love knowing that he is a part of my husband and a part of me, and I am growing him inside of my body- he and I are as close to “one” as we will ever be. As much as I cannot wait for him to get here- I already know that I will miss feeling him roll around when his favorite song is on the radio, and how he kicks when I tickle my belly.  Most of all, I will miss him being with me every single second of every single day, knowing that he is completely safe.

Anyway, before I get completely swept away in the joys of motherhood- I wanted to reminisce a little about all of the fun I’ve had carrying this perfect little boy in my belly.

March 8, 2011–The day it all started… the best day of my life so far.

The BEFORE picture 😉

Two weeks before finding out I was pregnant, I “booked” 3 baby goats to come visit my kids at school… they arrived three days after finding out we were expecting and I was absolutely terrified the entire time that I might pass a goat disease to the baby… LOL… looking back now, I realize how foolish this was… Just think how overprotective I’m gonna be when he is born! 

March 19, 2011- The day we shared our BIG news with my family 🙂 

Morning sickness starts… the only thing that sounds good at all is Life Cereal.  I took that box with me everywhere. 

And, sometimes I even decided to share 😉

May 12, 2011- The first time we laid eyes on our little bean

June 30th, 2011- The day we found out we were having a BOY!!!

August 21, 2011- His name is official- There is no turning back now, we painted it on the walls 🙂 Graeson Royce Mielke it is!

September 14, 2011- The first time we got to see his handsome face

Now we are anxiously awaiting his due date (November 11, 2011), or more importantly, the day he decides to make his entrance into the world…   What a great journey we have been on together and in so many ways, the best parts have not yet begun. 🙂

After picture (SO FAR) 37 weeks 🙂

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