What’s in the hospital bag??

Time to answer another question– What did you pack in your hospital bag??

Well, I can share what we have packed in our bag, but honestly, I won’t have a great answer to this question until AFTER we come home from the hospital.  Afterall, this is our first time doing this… Maybe all you expert mommies out there can fill ME in on a good answer to this question. 🙂

I’ll share what we have already packed- and if anyone else has any  suggestions- we would LOVE to hear them!

1. Pillows

2. Blankets

3. Car seat (the hospital wont let you leave without one)

4. Snacks and drinks- (bottled water, gatorade, granola bars)

5. Towels (2 packed in the bag, 1 out in the car- in case my water breaks in there- a great suggestion from our midwife)

6. A baby towel for Grae- he will be getting his first bath there and we don’t want his first bathing experience to be less than perfect due to a rough towel. 🙂

7. Toiletries, Nightgowns, T-shirt, sweatpants, clothes to wear home, warm clothes, socks with grippers on the bottom to walk the hospital halls, bathing suit tops for the whirlpool birthing tub and trunks for Ian, and a button up shirt for Ian.  The nurse told us that immediately following Grae’s birth, in case I am unable to warm him using skin-to-skin contact (in case of an emergency), it will be Ian’s job.  She said “Please bring a button down shirt so you don’t tear your shirt off like Tarzan.” 🙂
8. Multiple outfits for Baby- one in newborn size, one in 0-3 month size to ensure a proper fit.  He needs one outfit for pictures (a photographer comes to the room to take his first pictures at the hospital we are going to) and one outfit for him to wear home.

9. Hair ties and chapstick

10. Bobby pillow (recommended for first time moms who are planning to nurse) and receiving blankets

11. Music and camera

We would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations! Did we pack to much? Did we forget anything?



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