38 Weeks

Only 14 days until our baby boy’s due date! I cannot believe how fast this is going (I know I just keep saying that, but JEEZ, it seems like just yesterday I found out we were pregnant!)

The big thing that happened at our appointment today-  “INDUCTION” was pretty much the main idea. Apparently, next Friday (at our 39 week appointment), the midwife will check my cervix again, and if it is “favorable” for labor- which means 3 cm dilated, and more than 50% effaced, she will want to induce me on the following Monday, November 7!  This is a little (ok, a lot) terrifying, because when I was checked two weeks ago I was already 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced!!  If, however, my cervix is not favorable, the induction will be scheduled for the following Monday- November 14!

I truly hadn’t even let the word “INDUCE” into my brain up until today.  It really caught me off guard, because all we have heard from the very same midwife throughout our entire pregnancy is that they do not believe in inducing women under 41 weeks.  I have no idea why the tune changed.

I don’t even know how I feel about the idea of being induced.  She said about 35% of women with first time babies need to be induced.  She said that by inducing women, it increases the chance of an emergency C-section from 20-25% to 30-35%.  Technically, the whole idea of giving birth makes me a little woozy at this point in time.  Hopefully, when Grae is ready to come out, I am able to remain somewhat calm and clearheaded.  Even as she was discussing the possibility of inducing me, I started feeling faint and sweaty…WTH am I going to do when its time for this little man to actually come out!?!?!

On a happier note, I hadn’t gained any weight since my last appointment and my blood pressure is perfect.  Baby is also still head-down, and there is a very little chance of him flipping back around at this point (he’s getting too big).

We’ll keep ya posted! 🙂





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