Feathers, footwear, and fondue

This week starts my 26th WEEK PREGNANT!! Best baby milestone this week- HE CAN OPEN HIS EYES FOR THE FIRST TIME!  Granted, there isn’t too much to see in there, but up until now, his little eyelids were fused shut.  How cool.

Ian and I spent the night in Athens last night so we would be closer to where we needed to be to pick the girls up from camp this morning.  We had a great night in our old college town.  We went for a walk through North Campus, went shopping downtown where I found this adorable pair of new shoes, got my first feather extensions, and went out for dinner TWICE (once for me, once for baby of course ;0) )  at two of our favorite places- Little Italy- for the infamous turkey sub all the way no onion, and Speakeasy- for fondue and tapas.  Then afterwards, we went to another movie: “The Change Up.”  The very beginning was Daddy’s favorite part (you’ll know what I mean after you see it).  We spent the night at my brother’s house.  He seems to be having a small problem with his security system.  The door chime chimes approximately every 368 seconds or whatever. He also seems to be having a small problem with the air conditioning.  Each time it turns on it sounds as if a palette of bricks is being dropped on the house or whatever.  So, after we drifted off to sleep, or whatever, everything was fine.  😉

26 weeks photos- Our future Georgia Bulldawg! Goooo Dawgs, Sic’ Em!

Baby's first time under the Arches 🙂

North Campus fountain

Daddy's ringing the victory bell for his best victory- his son 🙂

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